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"The high energy, Brooklyn based dance meets jam rock squad Escaper released their brand new album Spaceship to a full house at the Sultan Room in Brooklyn's Bushwick neighborhood on November 5, 2022. Led by guitarist Will Hanza, this group is a well known local gem amongst those in the NYC metro region." Grateful Web


"... no matter the setting, this release elicits all kinds of toe-tapping and head-banging." Relix Magazine review of the Apotheosis album


"On the Verge" feature in Relix Magazine (print edition) - SEE HERE

Named one of three "Release Day Picks" by JamBase - SEE HERE

Regarding "Open Sky" - "Escaper stayed true to its definition—one who breaks free from confinement—with the album’s first single, “Open Sky”. The contemplative and melodic tune maintains Escaper’s tonal storytelling and intergalactic soundscapes while reminding the listener to celebrate the simple beauty of human existence. Though it clocks in at a little more than four minutes, it’s easy to lose one’s self in “Open Sky”, which offers a very danceable groove while invoking deep feelings of reflection... “On ‘Open Sky’,” said Hanza, “we feel a freedom of being.” - Live For Live Music

Regarding "Random Excess" - "Sprawling licks from Kadet move “Random Excess” towards the outer limits of the atmosphere before Hanza’s overdriven guitar phrases blast off into cosmic territory. The chemistry between the four members is clear as the song moves to the climax, which then falls back down to Earth before closing with a melodic progression from the keys." - Live For Live Music

"With multifaceted, oftentimes soaring jams, Escaper’s opening set of tunes set a groovy and rocking vibe for the rest of the evening.” - Jambase (regarding opening for The Mallett Brothers, featuring Jon Fishman of Phish, at Brooklyn Bowl on 4/12/18).

"Their sound is a reckoning force of funky fusion music...there’s no telling how high this band can climb." - Live For Live Music 

"The breakout performance of the evening goes to Escaper. This band came out heavy hitting  with an original track and changed the pace of the show with Theme from the Bottom followed by Train Song. Escaper leads you through a musical journey as the instrumentation captures highly deserved attention. The synergy of the group is best showcased during their live show, so don’t miss them next time they’re near you." - Music Fest News 

"a mind blowing set filled with psychedelic guitar virtuosity, tight grooves, and impressive musicianship." - The Jamwich

"By combining fusion elements with modern break beats and a tightness reserved for veteran bands, Escaper hits their unique style on all cylinders. With their respective prior band experiences, lets just say Escaper might be the product of all things good." - Glide Magazine

"The original surrealists represented various fine and performing art forms and aimed to rid the world of the constraints of logic.  This CD works in a surrealistic way. The mind-blowing structure of each song takes listeners out of not only their everyday lives, but also out of their expectations for what jazz should sound like, even when it is mixed with rock music. Escaper helps listeners do exactly that—escape." LemonWire

"This seven track album takes listeners on an unpredictable stroll through exploratory tones, multicolored rhythms and colorful melodies full of airy notes that leave songs wide open for improvised jams to be interjected during live performances. A unique element to this record is that the band laid down all the tracks in one day" NYSMusic

On Dec. 2, Escaper released their debut single, entitled “Castles.” This Brooklyn-based quintet formed earlier in 2016 and subsequently signed with Ropeadope Records. Though these gentlemen recently brought Escaper to life, all five band members bring with them a great deal of experience. The result of their various styles and strengths coming together is a strong amalgam of alternative funk and psych rock. “Castles” is the first look into an anticipated full album release in early 2017.

“‘Castles’” begins with light, almost ambient, psychedelic tones. However, it quickly gains momentum as various instruments begin to layer on top of one another. The ebb and flow to this track is appealing – continuously building to heights and then relaxing into more subtle grooves.

An audience-immersing jam band vibe permeates “Castles.” These gentlemen stop just short of perceived chaos though, maintaining solid through lines listeners can hold on to. The jazz bent in this mix is clear – exemplified in a well-executed horn solo later in the track.

With a pleasant combination of classic and electronic sounds, a wide range of audiences will likely enjoy this tune. If “Castles” is an indicator of the energy and composition Escaper brings to the table, listeners will look forward to a complete album.”

- Celebrity Cafe

“This up-and-coming juggernaut blends together effortlessly with each member adding his own unique flavor. The band’s music alone draws you in, but it’s their connection to it and to each other that truly completes the package. Their passion oozes out of each and every note they play as they seamlessly take turns controlling the stage.” - Music Fest News


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at Ropeadope Record Store (video) (April 2017)

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